The African Group

Message from the Chair

The Member States in the United Nations General Assembly are divided into various geographical groupings. These are the groupings through which elections are conducted into various UN bodies and agencies.


Africa is allocated 3 non-permanent members of the Security Council, 14 members on ECOSOC, 13 Members on the Human Rights Council and the President of the General Assembly in years ending 4 and 9. 


The Africa Group at the United Nations is made up of the 54 African Union Member States at the United Nations. The bloc coordinates its efforts on various topics, ranging from health and migration to issues of peace and security.


The group hold regular meetings to receive briefings from guests and UN officials and discuss on UN resolutions and topics so a common African position can be reached. 


The group is chaired by an Ambassador from a Member State, with the position rotating monthly. The African Union Observer Mission serves as a coordinating secretariat for the group by arranging meetings, supporting the Chair, and generally providing logistical and administrative assistance where necessary. 



H.E. Mr. Moncef Baati


Ambassador, and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Tunisia to the United Nations


Chair of the African Group of Permanent Representatives at the United Nations  

for the month of November 2019

Today, Tunisia assumes the Chairmanship of the African Group for the month of November, at a time when Africa’s place at the United Nations is further consolidated mainly through the Presidency of the General Assembly, the enhanced cooperation between the African Union and the United Nations and a pivotal role among the United Nations’ Systems.

It is my intention, during Tunisia’s Chairmanship of the African Group for the month of November, to build on the excellent work of my predecessors but also to further strengthen the spirit of solidarity, unity and mutual cooperation within the African Group.

Guided by the common desire to further consolidate and protect Africa’s interests, Tunisia will spare no effort in voicing the various concerns and aspirations of the African Group within the United Nations as well as our shared willingness to further enhance peace, security and development in the Continent and all over the world.

Tunisia will ensure that cohesion, dialogue and mutual understanding will remain the guiding principles for a more United Africa and the only effective tool to meet the growing challenges and threats both regionally and internationally.





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