The African Group

Message from the Chair

The Member States in the United Nations General Assembly are divided into various geographical groupings. These are the groupings through which elections are conducted into various UN bodies and agencies.


Africa is allocated 3 non-permanent members of the Security Council, 14 members on ECOSOC, 13 Members on the Human Rights Council and the President of the General Assembly in years ending 4 and 9. 


The Africa Group at the United Nations is made up of the 54 African Union Member States at the United Nations. The bloc coordinates its efforts on various topics, ranging from health and migration to issues of peace and security.


The group hold regular meetings to receive briefings from guests and UN officials and discuss on UN resolutions and topics so a common African position can be reached. 


The group is chaired by an Ambassador from a Member State, with the position rotating monthly. The African Union Observer Mission serves as a coordinating secretariat for the group by arranging meetings, supporting the Chair, and generally providing logistical and administrative assistance where necessary. 



H.E. Mr. Franck Kokou Kpayedo


Ambassador, and Permanent Representative of Togo to the United Nations


Chair of the African Group of Permanent Representatives at the United Nations  

for the month of January 2020

It is an honor and a privilege for my country, Togo, to assume the Chairmanship of the African Group at the start of 2020 which will mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations (UN). During our tenure at the head of the African Group, we have, with the usual support and collaboration of the Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union, the Member States of the African Union, as well as staff from my Mission, to work tirelessly to maintain and strengthen the unity and cohesion of the African Group on all issues of interest to our continent which will be discussed within the Organs of the United Nations during this month.


With this in mind, we are resolved to set the course for more engagement within the various UN bodies, to protect and strengthen the interest and common objectives of the group of African countries at the United Nations.


We will therefore endeavor to settle the outstanding issues of particular interest to the group of African countries, in particular the enlargement of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) for greater representativeness of Africa within this framework important Organ. We will continue discussions on peace and security issues, intergovernmental negotiations on Security Council reform and finalize the African candidacies to be submitted to the African Union Bodies.


Through the Permanent Observation Mission of the African Union, which constitutes the platform enabling African Member States to converge and articulate all questions of common interest within the United Nations, we plan to strengthen the synergy of action between Addis Ababa and New York in order to advance Africa's interest at the United Nations.


In addition, we will ensure that the priorities for 2020 presented by the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, His Excellency Professor Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, to member states during this month, integrate the priorities of Africa, and will work with its Bureau and the General Secretariat of the United Nations, to guarantee the settlement of questions of interest to the African Group.


Particular emphasis will be placed on continuing exchanges with a view to establishing partnerships with certain groups such as the Nordic countries and those of CARICOM with a view to enhance mutual support which could be beneficial. for the African group.


Finally, our Chairmanship will take place in a cordial atmosphere of listening, full availability, openness, respect for each Member State, all cardinal values ​​for my country and we will encourage the most inclusive participation possible and the mobilization of all to meet together all the challenges that the African group will face during the year 2020 that we hope will be happy, fruitful and prosperous for all.






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