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A3+1 statement on the situation in Mali, 29 October 2021

(Delivered by Niger)

Mr. President,

1. On behalf of the A3+1 Countries, namely Kenya, Niger, Tunisia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, I thank Mr. El-Ghassim Wane, for his constant efforts to stabilize Mali through the efficient implementation of the MINUSMA mandate of despite various challenges.

2. Our visit to Mali enabled us to appreciate the sacrifice and commitment of the men and women who through adversity, continue to support the people of Mali in their journey towards stability and prosperity. We also had an opportunity to experience the kind of environment that peacekeepers operate in, within constraints imposed by us, the Members of the United Nations. That is why, the up-coming Ministrerial Conference in Seoul will be a great opportunity for us all to come together and make tangible pledges to ensure that our peacekeeping missions are fully equipped.

3. During the tour, we were also able to observe the measures taken by the Transitional Malian authorities to address the deteriorating security situation in the North and Center of the country, as well as the overall social and political climate. We urge the authorities to continue these efforts in order to fulfill the legitimate expectations and aspirations for peace and prosperity of the Malians.

4. However, the long-awaited stabilization that I mentioned earlier will require the holding of credible, inclusive and transparent elections within the allotted timeframe. In this regard, the authorities and stakeholders have a historic responsibility to urgently agree on the effective implementation of the priorities contained in the ECOWAS roadmap.

5. There is also an urgent need to implement the latest decisions of the Follow-up Committee of the Agreement on the DDR process, decentralization, and the development of the North in particular.

Mr. President,

6. Mali, like the Sahel, is prey to security, development and climate change challenges, worsened by the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.

7. This is why, on the security front, the A3+ 1 believes that it is not understandable to reproach the G5 Sahel Joint Force for lacking autonomy and the G5 Sahel Executive Secretariat for lacking the capacity to support it, while at the same time refusing to accompany them adequately to address these challenges. We again urge the Security Council to show more flexibility by implementing the options it has itself requested to propose.

8. To conclude, as a first step, in accordance with the options proposed by the Secretary General, the creation of an Advisory Office to the Executive Secretariat of the G5 Sahel would certainly expedite the establishment of this joint initiative, which we do not have the luxury of letting fail.

I thank you

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