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Madame President, 


1.       I have the honor to deliver this statement on behalf of the A3+ members, namely, Algeria, Guyana, Sierra Leone, and my own country, Mozambique.


2.       The A3+ thanks Mr. Abdoulaye Bathily, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and Head of UNSMIL, for his insightful briefing and update on the situation in Libya. We wish to reiterate our full support to his efforts. 


3.       We also thank the Ambassador of Japan for his comprehensive briefing.


4.       We welcome the participation of the Permanent Representative of Libya at this meeting. 


Madame President


5.       Regarding Libya, the A3+ considers worth emphasizing the following.


On political situation


6.       The A3+ believes that the political process, led and owned by Libyans, must remain the primary option to overcome the national political deadlock and restore peace, security and stability in Libya.


7.       The A3+ also believe that the elections in Libya are the only way to provide the country with legitimate institutions and a future of peace, unity, stability, and prosperity.

8.       With that in mind, we urge the parties to overcome the remaining divergences in the implementation of the electoral laws as soon as possible, based on nationwide consensus, without foreign interference.


9.       We understand the difficulties faced by the Special Representative in organizing a meeting of Libyan institutional stakeholders aimed at reaching a settlement of politically disputed issues related to the implementation of the electoral process in Libya.


10.  As the A3+, we advocate for all participants in the initiative to cooperate fully, constructively, and with goodwill and without preconditions.

11. We encourage the Special Representative of the SG to continue his mediation efforts to bring the Libyan actors back to the discussion to relaunch the political process in Libya.


12. The role of all active segments in Libya, in particular women and youth, will ensure sustainable solutions to the crisis in the country.


13. The A3+ recognize that the meaningful and effective participation of women in public life, including all political processes and peace building initiatives remains essential to Libya´s sustainable development, stability, prosperity, peaceful and democratic future.


14. We encourage the Special Representative of the SG to continue his efforts, in collaboration with regional organizations, in particular the African Union and with neighboring countries.


On security situation 


15. The A3 takes positive note of the fact that the 2020 ceasefire agreement continues to hold, despite the tense situation in Libya. 


16. We call on the parties to continue to show restraint by fully complying with the ceasefire agreement. 


17. The A3+ believes that the withdrawal of all foreign forces, foreign fighters, and mercenaries from Libya is a matter of urgency.


18. Their departure is essential for a favorable and conducive environment for the advancement of the ongoing political process, for establishing security and stability in Libya and preserving its unity, independence and territorial integrity. 


19. We also emphasize that such a withdrawal should be conducted in close coordination with neighboring States and with a corresponding disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration programme, to avoid the export of conflict into the region.


20. While we are mindful of the fact that the unification of the Libyan Army is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive approach, the A3+ welcomes and encourages any steps towards increased coordination and cooperation aimed at the unification of the Libyan security forces, secure Libya’s borders and prevent a regional spillover.


On the national reconciliation process  


21. We believe the wounds of conflict in Libya run deep. But the time for healing has come. National reconciliation is not just an option, it's an imperative. It's the bridge to build trust, overcome historical divisions, and pave the way for a peaceful and prosperous future.


22. We welcome, in this regard, the role of the African Union in supporting the reconciliation project led by the Libyans, as well as the African Union High-Level Committee on Libya, which held its last meeting in Brazzaville on 5th February 2024. 


23. We also welcome the efforts made by the Libyan Presidential Council through the adoption of a "National Strategic Vision on Reconciliation" based on national ownership.


24. The A3+ welcomes the agreement of the Libyan parties on the convening of the National Reconciliation Conference on April 28, 2024, in the city of Sirte. We remain confident that the conference will be a successful pathway toward the achievement of a comprehensive and inclusive reconciliation of the Libyan people.


25. Furthermore, the A3+ welcomes the commitment of the Secretary General of the United Nations. We encourage his Special Representative in Libya to continue his close cooperation with the African Union to ensure the restoration of peace, security and stability in Libya.


With regard to the humanitarian situation


26. The A3 reiterates its deep concern about the continued dire situation of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Libya.


27. Therefore, we continue to urge the Libyan authorities, with the support of the international community, to work effectively to improve the plight of migrants and refugees in Libya.


28. The devastating floods that struck eastern Libya in September 2023 were far more than a mere humanitarian crisis. They posed a significant challenge to the country’s stability and progress.


29. The Libya Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment released last month by the World Bank, the United Nations, and the European Union, is alarming. We cannot stand idle as families struggle to piece together their homes and livelihoods. 


30. This natural tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for coordinated efforts to address both the immediate and long-term consequences of natural disasters in Libya.


31. In that regard, we stress the need for the international community to continue supporting affected areas and assist the country in managing and addressing disasters.


On Libyan’s sanction regime 


32. The A3+ believes that respecting Libyan independence and sovereignty is extremely relevant regarding ownership and control over its resources.


33. The Libyan authorities have repeatedly expressed concerns about the freezing of their assets abroad. The Security Council should attach great importance to the issue and take positive steps to address Libya’s legitimate concerns.


34. The A3+ takes note of the positive steps reflected in the last resolution 2701, regarding the preservation of Libya’s frozen assets. Their integrity and value must be maintained to ensure that they serve solely the interests of the Libyan nation. 


35. The effective protection of Libyan assets is not only a financial imperative but also a symbol of hope for the future of Libya. We are looking forward to the recommendations of the Panel of Experts in this regard.


36. To conclude, the A3+ reiterates its continued support for a lasting settlement of the persisting divisions in Libya, through peaceful dialogue and political means.


37.  The political settlement of Libya’s crisis is more urgent today than ever. Therefore, we must exert all efforts to preserve the momentum for peaceful solutions in Libya and around the world in an already challenging and fragile international landscape, where the situation in Gaza strip deserves special attention, bearing in mind that it is fueling further regional tensions.


I thank you, Madame President!


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