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About Us

The Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union is the official representation of the African Union Commission to the United Nations. Our activities at the United Nations span across peace and security, political, economic and social affairs. As an Observer Mission, we further advise, coordinate, as well as play a Secretariat role for the African Group at the United Nations. These efforts point towards achieving prosperity, peace, and unity of our people.

Office of the Head of Mission

The Office of the Head of Mission coordinates liaisons at an Ambassadorial level with other Missions to the United Nations. It also serves as the part of the mission that receives direct communication from the Headquarters in Addis Ababa. Finally, it supports the Ambassador in carrying out her various duties. 

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Economic and Social Affairs

The Economic and Social Affairs Office liaises with African member states on UN resolutions and procedures aimed at improving general economic and social well-being. It works closely with the Economic and Social Council as well as other UN agencies concerned with the UN's development agenda. 

Political Affairs, Peace and Security

The Political Affairs, Peace and Security Office works closely with African member states on issues affecting political development, peace-building and security. This work results in close observation and coordination with the work of the Security Council . This also involves working with the 3 Non-Permanent African members of the Security Council (A3) as well as attending and documenting High-Level Political forums.

Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Office works on ensuring that best practices are conducted within the mission concerning accounting and general administration.  


Conference Management and Documentation

The Observer Mission also serves as a hub for all affairs pertaining to Africa at the United Nations. As a result, it's conference hall is often used for meetings and conferences by member states and agencies. The office works on providing state of the art conference and protocol support, translating services, documentation and archiving services.

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