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TUESDAY, 30 AUGUST 2022 (3:00PM)

Thank you Mr. President,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of the A3 - namely, Gabon, Ghana and Kenya. We thank Under-Secretary-General, Ms. Rosemary Di Carlo and Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, Chair of the 1970 Committee for their briefings. We welcome the participation of Ambassador Taher El Sonni, Permanent Representative of Libya.

Mr. President,

We are extremely concerned about the outbreak of clashes in Tripoli during the last few days. We offer our deepest condolences to the bereaved families, and call for an immediate cessation of the violence. We call for Libya’s leaders to heed their people’s desire for peace and security. That can only be achieved by wholly embracing that the destiny of the Libyan people is to be united. And therefore, accepting that no one side of the political divide, whether in Tripoli or Benghazi, will ever have the monopoly of force or political domination. These clashes may appear to offer temporary advantage, but that is a dangerous illusion. Instead, all they offer is an opportunity for those who would benefit from a reversal of the path to reconciliation. As such, we call for an end to all inflammatory remarks by political leaders, and the corresponding heightened movement and mobilisation of armed groups. We recommend to all parties the mediating role of UNSMIL and other international support in this regard. We also invite Libya to utilise the offer by the African Union in line with resolution 2647. This is also in line with the African Union Peace and Security Council’s commitment expressed in its communique number 1091 of 29 June. We look forward to the prompt nomination of an African Special Representative of the Secretary General. It is time that sustained mediation was offered, and accepted by all sides, to enable Libya to end the transitional phase and elect an inclusive government.

The elections require a firm constitutional basis, adopted through inclusive dialogue and consensus if they are to be credible. We call upon all relevant Libyan parties to make every effort to deliver that kind of constitutional framework.

Mr. President, We are sorely aware that, as we urge Libyans to exert themselves in resolving their differences, they must contend with external interests that undermine their push for unity. We call on the political leadership and the people of Libya to make the courageous choice to resist these external influences. Libya has suffered enough. Africa has suffered enough. It is time we collectively resisted being divided for powerful foreign interests that only care for their own advantage and manoeuvres against each other. We demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces, foreign fighters and mercenaries from the territory of Libya. Their continued presence undermines the territorial integrity of Libya, and the peace and security of the Libyan people. We laud the 5+5 Joint Military Commission for their work in helping sustain the ceasefire agreement. We urge that they press on in the implementation of the agreement and the reunification of the armed forces. We urge for close collaboration between Libya, the UN, neighbouring countries and the African Union in monitoring their withdrawal to avoid transfer of armed conflict into the region. Corresponding disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration, to the various countries of origin, should be conducted.

Mr. President, In preserving Libya’s frozen assets for future generations of Libya, and cognisant of competing external interests in Libya’s resources and wealth, we urge that any action on these assets be undertaken in consultation with the Libyan authorities. We also call for the protection of Libya’s oil sector from its politicisation and manipulation by external influences.

Mr. President, We continue to be disturbed that the inhumane treatment of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers continues unabated both on land and at sea. We demand that those involved, whether directly or indirectly, desist from such abuse of human rights. We seek a closer monitoring by the UN of the resources and information channels that enable it, and would be expecting the Secretary General’s report on migrant smuggling to shed more light on this issue. We also call for consideration of more practical ways of addressing its root causes.

Finally, Mr. President, we reaffirm our respect for Libya’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and our support for a truly-Libyan led and owned peace process.

Thank you.

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