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A3 Joint Statement on the Situation in the CAR


(Ghana, Kenya, Gabon)

by H.E. Mr. Michel Xavier BIANG,

Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Gabon to the UN

June, 22 2022


Thank you Madam President,

1. I have the honour to make this statement on behalf of Kenya, Ghana and my country, the three African countries of the Security Council – A3.

2. We thank Mrs. Valentine Rugwabiza and ...... for their respective briefings on the situation in the Central African Republic and on the activities of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).

3. We welcome the participation in our debates of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Central African Republic, H.E.M Sylvie BAIPO-TEMON.

Madam President

4. The recent history of the Central African Republic has been punctuated by many political and security upheavals. Constantly torn apart by the violence of armed groups and by the often-conflicting tendencies of external powers, the Central African Republic has experienced a long period of serious instability. Today, the prospects for lasting peace are emerging, although some work still remains to be done to deal with the threat posed by armed groups.

5. It is therefore with particular interest that the A-3 stresses the need for this Council to continue supporting the Central African authorities democratically elected. Our efforts as Council will need to be further intensified to help the CAR find long-term solutions and consolidate political, security and humanitarian gains.

6. In this regard, we would like to make the following observations:

7. At the political level, the organization of the national dialogue last March, in accordance with the Luanda roadmap, reflects the will of the Central African government to respect the commitments made in 2019. Similarly, the perceptible enthusiasm of the population during these meetings testifies to the deep desire of Central Africans to turn the page on political instability. We, the members of the Council, therefore have a duty to support the the hopes and efforts of the people of the Central African Republic in their search for peace.

8. Therefore, the consensus of the Security Council for multidimensional support to the CAR including financial, material, economic, political support..... becomes a priority.

9. We also call for the participation of all Central African actors including political actors, civil society, men, women, youth and armed groups signatories to the Peace Agreement, to prioritize dialogue and mutual understanding, to advance the peace efforts initiated by the Government and supported by the international community.

10. The recommendations resulting from the national dialogue must be implemented by all. The genuine involvement of all parties to the conflict is the guarantee of a lasting political solution initiated by the Central Africans for the Central Africans.

11. In addition, the A-3 welcomes the adoption by the National Assembly of the law abolishing the death penalty and the use of torture, is an important signal of the CAR authorities’ respect for human rights. This it will undoubtedly give impetus to national reconciliation, in a context where the perpetrators of war crimes are now being prosecuted and tried in the CAR.