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Mr. President,

1. I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of members of the A-3.

2. We thank SRSG Volker Perthes and Ms. Edem Worsonu for their briefing and commend the efforts of UNITAMS and OCHA to help the Sudanese people at this difficult moment in their national history. We also thank Ms. Mayada Ali her perspective.

Mr. President,

3. Since the start of the conflict in Sudan on 15th April, the people of Sudan have continued to witness a worsening security and humanitarian situation, including in Darfur, and with impacts on neighbouring countries such as Chad, CAR and to a lesser extent South Sudan.

4. With no decisive victory in sight and the reality of a protracted and widespread national conflict looming, the A3 wishes to, once again, appeal to the leaders of the SAF and the RSF to give peace a chance as the situation in Sudan can only be normalized through dialogue and negotiations. We echo the voices of the people of Sudan, who are tired of this war and are calling on the parties to unconditionally cease hostilities, silence the guns, and resort to dialogue.

5. In this context, the A3 also joins the strong condemnation of the ongoing conflict issued at the end of the 2nd meeting of the IGAD Quartet Group and their call for the warring parties to immediately halt all hostilities, reiterating that there is no military solution to the conflict in the Republic of Sudan.

6. We worry about the detrimental impact of the war on the already volatile situation in Darfur region. We are dismayed that the intensification of fighting in El-Genina, has been accompanied by the deliberate targeting of IDP camps, the use of heavy artillery attacks, and the creation of vulnerabilities for the civilian population, who remain unprotected.

7. We are also deeply concerned about the situation in Kadugli, in South Kordofan, which remains extremely volatile. Roads connecting Khartoum to Kordofan and Darfur are blocked, limiting the movement of essential goods and humanitarian supplies. Schools, hospitals, and places of worship have also been targeted in several parts of Sudan, whilst homes, IGO and UN compounds have had facilities and assets looted. The conflict has forced large-scale displacement of populations and worsened an already dire humanitarian situation.

8. We are also worried about the conflict-related sexual violence that has been reported as widespread in Darfur by the Panel of Experts established pursuant to resolution 1591, which has received 100 cases of such incidents. The A3 wishes to state that perpetrators of all heinous crimes should be held accountable as soon as the situation normalizes.

Mr. President

9. On the political process, the A3 fully supports the efforts of the Heads of State and Government of the IGAD Quartet Group to implement the IGAD Roadmap for peace adopted in Djibouti on the 12th of June 2023 for the Republic of Sudan.

10. We also welcome the efforts by the African Union to establish a credible civilian political dialogue among the Sudanese people. We further note the invitation extended to IGAD to participate in the Jeddah process for the implementation of short-term ceasefire and humanitarian arrangements and urge the Sudanese parties to uphold their commitments.

11. We urge continuing efforts by the African Union to facilitate a structured, unified, and coherent approach towards peace talks between the Sudanese parties and an all-inclusive consultation with civilian stakeholders.

12. We believe different processes by different actors in the international community, if not coordinated, can frustrate the desired results for an early and lasting peace in Sudan. We urge coordination and strong action to also abate the proliferation of arms in the Sudanese conflict.

Mr. President,

13. On the relationship between UNITAMS and the warring parties, we encourage UNITAMS to remain engaged with the Sudanese people by providing assistance in their greatest moment of need.

14. Lastly, a review of the present situation in the Sudan would not leave anyone in doubt of the huge humanitarian challenges confronting the Sudanese people, especially women and children. We commend the efforts of the international community in supplying the needed aid to IDPs in Sudan and call for sustained international support for the humanitarian efforts required in the Sudan and the neighbouring countries. The A3 reaffirms its solidarity with the People of Sudan, expresses its commitment to achieve peace and security in the country and reiterate the need for respect of Sudan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

I thank you, Mr. President.

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