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A3 Joint Statement on the briefing on UNITAMS (SUDAN)


Thank you, President,

  1. I have the honor to deliver this statement on behalf of A3, namely Gabon, Ghana, and my country Kenya.

  2. I thank the SRSG, Mr. Volker Perthes, for his briefing and welcome the participation of representative of Sudan in this meeting

Madam President,

  1. As we meet today, Sudan continues to experience serious economic, security and political challenges that have created a situation of uncertainty for the future. The patience and resilience of the Sudanese people continues to be tested. The hopes and aspirations that accompanied the adoption of the 2019 Constitutional Declaration and the signing of Juba Peace Agreements (JPA) are waning.

  2. However, the people of Sudan have a long history of tolerance of one another and commitment to seeking home grown solutions in difficult times. The A3 therefore remains confident that the Sudanese people will find a quick solution to the current political impasse in a manner that safeguards its national security and that of the region.

  3. The focus of our statement is four issues: - political situation; security situation; economic situation; and, UNITAMS’ mandate.

  4. On the political situation, the A3 welcomes the commencement of the second phase of the intra-Sudanese dialogue under the facilitation of the trilateral mechanism of UN, AU and IGAD. We take note that significant ground was covered during the first phase of consultations facilitated by UNITAMS. The A3 appeals to all Sudanese actors - civilian and military- to take advantage of this platform and move expeditiously and unconditionally to dialogue and agree on a viable democratic transition.

  5. The Sudanese authorities have a fundamental responsibility of creating an environment conducive for viable political dialogue to take place. We welcome the release of some political detainees as a critical confidence building measure in this regard.

  6. We emphasize the imperative for the dialogue to be inclusive, giving a special consideration for participation of women and youth who were the pillars of the 2019 revolution, as well as other marginalized groups and communities.

  7. On the security front, Madam President, the A3 remains deeply concerned by the recurrent outbreaks of intercommunal violence in Darfur and other parts of the country. While we welcome the steps taken by the Government of Sudan to respond to the situation, more efforts are needed to sustainably address the root causes of these conflicts.

  8. In this regard, we urge the Government and all parties to expedite the implementation of all activities and programmes under the National Plan on the Protection of Civilians and the Juba Peace Agreements. We urge the international community to continue to extend the much needed diplomatic, technical, financial and logistical support in this regard.

  9. We welcome the progress made on the Permanent Ceasefire Committee and the Joint Security Keeping Force, including the assembling and initial training of the 2000 members of the armed movements in Darfur.

Madam President,

  1. The A3 is also deeply concerned by the rapid deterioration of economic conditions and worsening humanitarian situation in the country. Indeed, the lack of progress in the political track risks wiping out the initial gains made in economic and structural reforms.

  2. The already dire humanitarian situation in Sudan has been aggravated by the economic crisis, the adverse effects of climate change, food insecurity, the rise of cases of COVID-19 (only 7% of 46 million are fully vaccinated), intercommunal violence, prolonged displacement of populations, and the refugee crisis.

  3. The A3 joins the appeal by the Secretary General for exceptional modalities to support vulnerable communities and protect human and social capital through continued international assistance for Sudan. We commend the efforts of international humanitarian donors who continue to provide vital assistance. We urge the Sudanese authorities to facilitate unhindered humanitarian access to all those in need, in particular in the conflict affected regions.

  4. During this time of global food crisis and as we wait and hope for the political track to bear fruit, the A3 urges, the international donor community, and international financial institutions to reconsider the temporary suspension of aid to Sudan and continue their support programmes and projects to sustain the lives and livelihoods of the civilian population. Madam President,

  5. Last but not least, the A3, in view obtaining circumstances believes that the UNITAMS mandate remains valid and relevant. We therefore support the renewal of the mandate, including its four main objectives. What is critical is for the Council to build the capacity of the mission to effectively and efficiently implement its mandate. We call on UNITAMS to continue working closely with the Sudanese authorities to facilitate the expeditious implementation of the identified plans and programmes. We also reiterate that all programs and initiatives are determined based on the needs and priorities identified by Sudan.

  6. In conclusion, the A3 reaffirms its solidarity with the People of Sudan and expresses its commitment to continue to support their endeavor to achieve sustainable peace, security, and greater economic development. I thank you for your kind attention.

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